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Date Of Birth: 3/19/1982

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
Crossfit Adaptive Certification
Specialist in Sports Nutritionist
Certified Fitness Trainer
Specialist in Exercise Therapy
United States Marine Corps

The professional life of Steven Champagne started in his youth at the age of five. 

      A resolution was made to accomplish something that at the time he had no idea men had pondered over for centuries.  Plato called it “the good life”, Steven called it “peace”; a natural balance or function of the human spirit. Steven had no idea the depth of these philosophies, but what he did know was that he could see life did not have to be the way it was.  There was a beautiful way, a flow or path to being one with the universe and all of its creations.  In his mind, Steven believed that even if a small group of people could achieve this, they could change the world.  Having no idea how to put this feeling into action he began doing what he knew how to do which was draw.

      Artistic since birth, Steven immersed himself into his art trying to understand how he felt, as well as trying to understand how to view the world for what it truly was.  He discovered that he viewed things differently than everyone else.  So many people perceived the world through a veil of deception, seeing only how and what they chose to see instead of seeing what was really there.  This discovery opened the door to a wondrous leap into not only perception but artistic ability as well.  However, this also opened the door to a whole new set of problems as well.  Steven realized the dark underbelly of humanity and our ability to self deceive.

      Not only was Steven gifted in creative and artistic ability, he was also dexterous at sport.  His father starting him out in baseball opened the door to discovering his physical capabilities. Excelling in every sport he could attend, he  found another outlet for his starving mind.

Pushing his limits, he realized a second piece to the puzzle he was so desperately trying to understand; people are multifaceted.  He discovered that each human being possessed many skills and so much potential.  How this factored into the grand scheme of things he had no idea, but it was something he could not forget.

      Pushing through the adolescent years as Steven excelled in school and sports, on the inside he was a tumultuous knot of emotional indecision.  He had held so many ideas and visions of the future that were beyond beautiful.  Steven longed to make them reality yet everything in his life presented to him exactly why none of these things seemed possible.  Humanity in all of its beauty and potential is flawed.  This existential wondering left Steven digging into the deepest darkest holes one can explore.  Along the way he began to question himself and everything he believed.  The more he dug, the more he began to lose confidence in himself and humanity.  He could only see the ugly selfish nature of the people that dominated his life and environment.  Steven still excelled however academically, but sports and art became an escape instead of a medium to show the beauty of his spirit.  This led to an eventual rift.  The depth of his mind as well as the prowess of his being were nothing without an understanding of his soul.  In this revelation, Steven discovered the third piece of the puzzle that had eluded him for so long.

Graduating high-school a year early, Steven decided to attend the Art Institute of Houston for graphic design and computer animation.  After a couple of years, he was not satisfied with the path he was traveling.  Art to Steven was organic.  Beauty in the form of life.  Computers in all their glory could not do what man alone could achieve with a few simple tools from the earth. Leaving school, he decided to explore other options which eventually led him to enlisting in the United States Marine Corps as an Intelligence Specialist.  Steven knew he wanted to do something great with his life and physically he needed a challenge.  Little did he know the environment he thrust himself upon would not only be the most rewarding, but open his mind to the last piece of his puzzle.

      Seeing himself and the world for what it truly was for the first time allowed him to discover what he was made of.  Stronger, faster, and healthier; he learned that no matter what, he could achieve anything.  The structure, discipline, and code of ethics he received gave him a glimpse of what it really means to be a man of character.  Hitting the books, Steven began to study history, philosophy, religion, biology, physiology, physics, and so many other subjects which provided him the understanding to connect the dots.  Steven’s childhood visions began to come alive.

       He understood that Humanity in all of its flaws could at any moment choose to be flawless.  It was choice that made a man- Character in action.  He started building a philosophy that described humanity as a triune being inside a matrix which was solely dependent on the universal laws which transcended humanity.  This philosophy stemmed and unleashed the latent force which had first been noticed by him at the age of five.  Taking this new and wondrous gift, Steven began applying these principals not only with himself, but everyone around him.  The result was momentous and revolutionary.  “People were not whole in the sense of experiencing life as it was meant to be. We muddled through as only a fraction of what we were created to be.  People are not afraid of failure; they are afraid of becoming what they feel they were created to be.  Once a person begins to implement these changes in their life and develop the tree aspect of humanity which aligns them with the natural order of the universe; they become a shining marvelous object in a bleak dark sky like stars in the cosmos”.

       At this point of the journey Steven connected with his brother Jeffery Cheatham who had the same spirit and vision to create HuMotion, a company that believes people are valuable.  Steven and Jeff’s health and level of fitness are one of the facets that not only create a beautiful life, but help them move one step closer to becoming a whole in person.  HuMotion stands for humanity in motion.  This motion in harmony with the natural order of things is a revolutionary approach which builds beautiful whole people ready to live life to the fullest.