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Jeff Cheatham



Date Of Birth: 1/24/1989



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Jeffery Demarcus Cheatham Jr. was born January 24th 1989 in Willis Texas.

     Growing up, Jeff was continuously active in sports amongst other things. Starting with little league T-ball, youth soccer, and football, he was always on the go staying active.

Continuing these sports along with cross country and track, he progressed through junior high and high school with the basic knowledge and fundamentals of nutrition and exercise.
After high school, Jeff enrolled at Blinn Junior College located in Bryan, Texas where he studied business. Shortly after enrollment, a close childhood friend was tragically killed in a car accident. Jeff, being young and away from home did not take the passing of his close friend well. A few months later Jeff’s plans shifted and he packed up his belongings for a move back to Houston to begin a new career.
During this tumultuous time in his life, fitness was the last thing on his mind. As time progressed, he continued to long for something larger than himself.

      At the age of 20, Jeff made a life changing decision and enlisted with the United States Marine Corps following in is older brother’s footsteps. It was there where he finally learned who he was while serving as an active duty Engineer. Jeff quickly took an interest in the elite Marine Corps martial arts program (MCMAP) where he continued to further his knowledge and held an undefeated title amongst his peers. While stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA., Jeff finally found his calling as he rapidly accelerated through his martial arts training. Not only was Jeff maintaining his prestigious First Class position, but also serving as a martial arts instructor as well. At this point, Jeff came to realize his passion for helping others become a better version of themselves through vigorous training and discipline as he found peace in witnessing individuals evolve into greatness.

     Finally realizing how simple changing a life could be and how awesome he felt by doing so, Jeff returned home from the Marine Corps in 2013 to set forth in following his dream. Ultimately, Jeff’s goal had been to open a martial arts studio tailored to focus on training men, women, and children of all ages how to defend themselves against abuse. Shortly after returning home however, his life would forever change as he became the victim of a violent assault. Only his training in the Marine Corps paired with his desire to live kept him alive. To further impact his dreams, this night would also render him physically unable to compete in martial arts forever. Heartbroken by the letdown, Jeff began to search deeper and further for something to fill the empty void. As a result, he finally found fitness and nutrition and began to study the importance of leading a healthy active lifestyle. At this point he began to immerse himself in the fitness lifestyle as he started to absorb important facts around proper nutrition and and the positive effects.

     What Jeff realized was that just like him, others may lack the true knowledge of nutrition and exercise. Much like martial arts, Jeff knew training and discipline could change personal wellbeing in many aspects and was determined to make a difference. As time progressed, Jeff learned that sometimes the fear of asking a question was also the biggest factor which holds us back from reaching our goals. The fear of asking a question quickly sparked a passionate conversation between him and his brother Steven Champagne who has a tremendous knowledge of fitness and nutrition.

     Almost like plotting to defeat a bully, Jeff and Steven plotted on how to defeat this war we have amongst ourselves. As the conversations grew longer so did the plans for their empire of selflessness. In that same week, Jeff stumbled upon an inspiring video titled “Me Too”. Filmed during a church sermon, the video describes the fear and stress which people build up inside due to feeling lonely within their struggles. As the pastor in the video began to list his problems, the audience soon started saying; “me too”. They realized that their problems were also his problems and they were not alone in their worries which rattled Jeff’s thinking soon after. Viewing this video led Jeff had recall the actions of a Newton Pendel he had been given as a gift. As he watched this little toy in action he thought more about his passion for helping people, case in point, HuMotion began to evolve.

    Newton’s first law states that an object in motion will stay in motion until an outside force acts upon it. Jeff compared newton’s first law with life itself. He thought more about how one small change could drastically affect one’s future with both positive and negative outcomes. With fitness, he knew these changes could be made from implementing proper knowledge and training which him and Steven both possessed. Just as Jeff says, his thoughts on changing a life are simple. Both Jeff and Steven realized by implementing one small thing, they could spark a chain of events which could change someone’s life forever. For example, proper knowledge of nutrition could increase one’s energy level which could lead to a better outcome within any aspect of their life. As Jeff also likes to say, “they could even change the world”.

    HuMotion was created to stand for (Humanity in Motion), and the ultimate goal is all about teaching others to become the best version of themselves in order to not only change their life, but to also trigger a sequence of events that changes the lives of the people they come in contact with. The Marine Corps showed Jeff that a single man or woman could do amazing things, but 100 men and women can be an unstoppable force. The HuMotion community will be that “unstoppable force” in all things pure and positive in life. Come be a part of his journey.