“The most rewarding experience I have had is the beautiful people I have had the opportunity to spend time with on this earth and in this journey and the rigorous self-study performed while observing God's Creation to live as an example of the beauty I try to create.”

—S.W. Champagne

Beauty is a truth that transcends the eye of the beholder. It is a universal law that we are to align our souls with. When we catch a glimpse of this moment in our world we praise it feeling the resonance within. Artist throughout history have stretched out their hands in an attempt to catch its illusiveness hoping to place it before the eyes of the world making beauty immortal and something common place in our lives.

There is no greater gift than to be an Artist. To have the eyes that see beyond the veil. No other gift performs as soul searchingly. It is a gift of selflessness. In order for an Artist to capture beauty, he/she must first be able to let go of him/her self and see the world for what it truly is without coloring the experience. Then, in order for him/her to share this gift, he/she must cease to exist letting go of all things including him/her self.

It is a love for beauty that drives the mind and a love for mankind that enables the body, but it is a love of the supreme creator that feeds the soul. You too can see this, and you too can become part of the beauty that surrounds us. Open your hearts and let go of the restraints that bind your soul. Only then can you feel the rhythm of the great unknown.

Each day we place marks on the world combining those smears and smudges into a life. The memories and bonds we cherish fade. Time has a way of eroding the connections and strength of what we hold most dear. What I attempt to do is to place those memories in the form of a painting. Let me create a piece of art for you to capture your most valuable moments in immortality. Let me take those smears and smudges and lift them up to become a shining light that pushes the darkness from your spirit giving you the opportunity to see a little further on the horizon. With this gift of always looking further, you shall find that there is nothing out there but beauty to fill your eyes and truth to fill your soul, and a little paint on the wall.

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