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Monthly life coaching to help with the issues we all face daily. This service builds freedom from the past, present and helps create the future you want and deserve. 

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Customize your choice of our services to help you meet your needs and goals. Let us help you find your path and make the progress you want and need.​


Connect with us through our media content. We are proud to offer you an array of information free to help you understand the value of your health.


The problem HuMotion strives to solve is one that effects all of us across the world. Humans are divided and struggling to find unity and purpose in a world that teaches corrupt misguided information in complete opposition to a whole healthy life.


We are facing crippling health care cost and disease dysmorphia with the lack of a preventative wholistic healthcare system to teach people how to create an environment and opportunity for healing and health.


HuMotion teaches that each individual is comprised of three aspects.


The body (exercise, nutrition, sleep)

The mind (knowledge, character, emotions)

The spirit (purpose, community, charity)


These three systems working together will create the wholistic change we seek to build people that can set a new status quo and drive human potential to its greatest heights ever imagined.



The physical body is an organic machine that is capable of creating extraordinary results.


NUTRITION: The only responsibility you have as an inhabitant is to fuel it with the highest quality fuel available. We use our proven method to show you what to eat, when to eat, and how much to reach your goals and achieve the body you desire.


TRAINING: Let us help you discover your hidden potential through our training programs and make your life the best quality it can be. Our programs range from classes to to 1 on 1 settings with all ages. 

SLEEP: Self regulating, self healing, self perpetuating organism that will be the vehicle for all your life experience. Let us teach you how to rest, recover, and heal.

LAB TESTING: In a world full of fake food and labeled lies we teach you what is best for your body, and everyone is different. Our test sort out the question marks in your life and give us the truth behind what is causing you to miss the mark.  



The mind is the medium between the divine and our physical world. It creates and discovers leaving us with impressions and imaginings.  

KNOWLEDGE: We have all the tools we need inside us. We are only to discover our true potential through self introspection. With our services you will learn the ways to discover your true purpose and potential.

CHARACTER: What is really going on inside of us? With our intrinsic profile we can actually take a snapshot of your character and help you push each trait to the limit creating an environment that will free you from the bondage you have been conditioned to believe.

EMOTIONS: Our past has a way of creating our future if we do not take control and learn to overcome the senses that color our judgement. With our methods we help you organize your values, priorities, and emotions to change your life for success.

CONSULTATIONS: HuMotion has created a trained consultant role for the purpose of working one on one with our clients to lead them through the process of creating growth in their lives. This personal approach has helped hundreds over the years find freedom in their journey and gain a solid foundation to build a results driven life upon.



The spirit is the link we possess to the ALL. No religion, no constraints, just pure humanity empowered by the energy given to us by the ultimate ALL. We do not pretend to know what that is, just understand that it is a gift that we must return to each other in the most beautiful way. 

PURPOSE: The entire reason for existing. You may not know our why but we can help you find it through our consulting services. Once it is discovered we ask that you train your mind and your body to be the best so you can use them to empower your spirit.

COMMUNITY: We are all placed upon this earth together. This community is fellowship of humanity and HuMotion believes we can create an environment of beauty and love through efforts of communion. One race of people who share differences with acceptance and create a world that unites all for a greater cause.

CHARITY: Once we create a sound body and mind we begin to place them in action in the world. Our purpose should be selfless and bring others into our understanding. We can help when we are strong. This is where we give back and actually change the world.


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A wholistic store at your fingertips. HuMotion has sourced the best products from all over the world to give you the ultimate whole health solution to create your preventative care resource. We believe in giving you the tools to be healthy and stay healthy.



Testimonials and Reviews
melissa thomas.jpg

Started with Steven when I first started my road with body building. It is a hard process and he was with me every step of the journey. A few months before a show I ended up breaking my hand and he was there, not only as my coach but as my friend to get me through the mental and physically tough moments. This company and what Steven brings is truly magical.

November 23, 2018

Mel Thomas

marti derryberry.jpg

Looking for help to dial in your nutrition, Steven can help you out along your journey. He is an excellent resource to go to when you're looking for that extra push in achieving your goals. Always available to answer questions and guide you in the right direction. He's helped me along the way in my journey and I'm extremely grateful.

November 23, 2018


IMG_1334 2.jpg

I was looking to lose weight and feel better, but never did I expect to feel amazing , not once did HuMotion give up and let me get discouraged. The nutrition counseling is above and beyond and the personal training, well it’s just that, it’s your one on one , personal training. HuMotion will walk with you every step of the way through your life changing journey ! They are awesome.

January 6, 2018

Wendy Russell


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